Carlingford Plumbing and Drainage Services

Carlingford has a long and rich history and anyone can easily see that with the several built and natural heritage sites (including public buildings, gardens, war memorials, road infrastructure and Aboriginal cultural sites).

The Carlingford Public School Building and cottage (built 1887), Galaringi Reserve, Marsden Road Uniting Church (1865) and Mobbs Hill Reservoir (1916) are some of those sites that showcase Carlingford’s long history. But this suburb is not all about history because of the modern commercial facilities plus the diversity (with Italian, Thai and Japanese eateries here). Indeed, after World War II Carlingford has undergone rapid modernisation and urbanisation.

Carlingford plumbing and drainage services 24/7

Despite all those modern changes (and sadly the neglect of some heritage sites), what stays the same is our commitment on old-fashioned hard work and reliability here at North West Plumbing & Drainage. Our team of plumbers and drain, gas and hot water specialists always provides personal attention to each of our clients.

Our plumbing and drain services include the following:

  • Drain unclogging
  • Toilet repair
  • Leaking pipe repair
  • Complete kitchen and bathroom plumbing services (for new constructions and remodels)
  • Installation of gas appliances, pipework and hot water systems (we also do gas safety inspection and ensure gas and water supplies are properly connected)
  • Replacement and repair of sewer and storm water pipes
  • Commercial plumbing and drainage services for offices, restaurants, shopping malls and entire commercial structures)

A Carlingford plumber within minutes

We are always quick to act because plumbing issues often require urgent attention. Pipe leaks can flood an area and gas leaks may initiate fires and explosions. Hot water failures can ruin an entire night or morning on those times you badly need the hot water for your bath or shower.

We always have a team available to respond to your request anytime of the day. We’ll also listen carefully to your concern so that we can bring all the necessary parts and tools. This way we can avoid driving back and forth and instead fix the issue right on the spot.

Residential and commercial plumbing

We understand the requirements of both residential and commercial premises. It’s especially the case in businesses (restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, school buildings) wherein there’s a complex network of water and sewer pipes that run in the entire building. This high level of complexity requires a high level of technical expertise as well.

Our team here at North West Plumbing & Drainage has earned that high level of technical expertise through years of training and actual on-the-job experience. Contact us today if you want to ensure proper and neat work for your plumbing and drainage requirements.

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