Dural Plumbing and Drainage

The name Dural is derived from Dooral-Dooral which is an Aboriginal term that means smoking hollow tree. With the Darug people as the original inhabitants, it shows that the suburb has a long and rich history worth looking back to.

Now times have changed and Dural at present has a touch of modernity. With buses operated by Hillsbus and a thriving sports environment (Dural Rugby Club, Dural Country Club, Redfield Lions Soccer and more), movement and activity are still significant in this suburb.

Dural plumbing and drainage services 24/7

With modernity, movement and activity come along the need for extreme reliability especially when our society becomes more complex as time goes on. It’s especially the case with our plumbing, drain, gas and hot water systems. Any failure leads to a major interruption and huge inconvenience whether it’s in a home or business.

Here at Northwest Plumbing & Drainage our focus for 20+ years has always been on extreme reliability and prompt action. For emergency repairs (which often happen at the most inconvenient moment) we can promptly arrive on the site no matter where you are in Dural.

Our professional services include:

  • Unclogging the drains
  • Sewer and storm water pipes replacement and repair
  • Toilet repairs (Slow to drain? Doesn’t flush? With standing water?)
  • Bathroom plumbing (installation of pipes and fixtures for new kitchen construction and remodels)
  • Kitchen plumbing (install taps and connect appliances to the water supply)
  • Installation of gas appliances and pipework (we also do gas leak detection and gas safety inspection)
  • Hot water installation (with same day services 7 days a week)
  • Hot water inspection and repair (water leaking from the tank and connections, discolouration in the water and unusual smells)
  • Commercial plumbing (full compliance to special plumbing requirements for shops, offices, restaurants, cafes, medical facilities and other commercial premises)

Residential and commercial plumbers Dural

Plumbing, drain, gas and hot water systems are complex because of the interdependence and several connections. Also, the network of pipes and fixtures is also complex especially in relatively larger structures (especially places of business).

Here at Northwest Plumbing & Drainage we always keep up to date with the requirements and standards. And with our client-centred approach and focus on old-fashioned hard work, rest assured that the resulting repair or installation will last for a very long time (you won’t encounter the same problem anytime soon). For repairs and fresh installations, we only use the best tools and materials to ensure longevity and quality. Contact us today if you require a professional plumbing and drainage service here in Dural.

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