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With heritage listings and famous landmarks such as the Galston Gorge, Waddell Cottage, Tunks Creek Bridge and Fagan Park, the Galston suburb still has a feel of the old-fashioned and the history. Although just like any modern suburb the place has undergone transformation, Galston remains to preserve its identity through the years.

Part of that identity is the annual Bushland Shire Festival (held at the Fagan Park every September). It’s a great day for both the families and individuals who want to experience variety and step back from the boring days at home and at work.

Galston plumbing and drainage services 24/7

Yes most of the days will be boring and nothing out of the ordinary. But it all changes if suddenly there’s a leaking pipe (water or gas leaking), clogged toilet, problem-ridden hot water or a slow draining sink which gets unsanitary. Suddenly everyone at home gets disturbed and businesses often halt their key operations whenever there’s a plumbing, drain, gas or hot water problem.

Here at Northwest Plumbing & Drainage we understand that those issues often happen at the most inconvenient time, which is why we always have a qualified specialist or an entire team ready to be deployed anytime of the day. It’s important that the issue gets fixed right away so you can immediately go back to sleep or focus on other things.

Our plumbing and drain services include:

  • Unclog toilets, sinks and drains
  • Toilet repairs (Flush doesn’t work? Slow to drain? Something’s floating and there’s standing water?)
  • Repair leaking taps and pipes
  • Repair and replacement of sewer and storm water pipes
  • Installation of gas appliances and the required pipework (we also do gas safety inspection and perform gas leak detection as well)
  • Hot water installation (same-day services available, we properly and safely connect the hot water system to gas, electrical and water supplies)
  • Hot water repair and inspection (scale build-up, leaking tank, malfunctioning thermostat, unusual colours and smells in the resulting water
  • Complete kitchen and bathroom plumbing (safe removal, new installation in new constructions and remodels)

Residential and commercial plumbers Galston

Whether it’s a home, apartment, a single office or an entire commercial structure, our team of specialists has already handled both simple and complex assignments. We ensure that each resulting repair or installation is up to the highest standards so that there won’t be an annoying problem anytime soon.

For 20+ years we’ve built a solid reputation with the following as our backbone:

  • Old-fashioned customer service and hard work
  • No extra charges for overtime work (we honour the agreement)
  • Upfront pricing with no surprises or hidden fees (just as it should be)
  • Always a live greeting when you call, never an answering service
  • Only quality products and materials are used – we stand by our work
  • Personal attention from professionals who take the time to listen to your needs

Contact us today here at Northwest Plumbing & Drainage if you require a modern service with old-fashioned hard work.

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