Glenhaven Plumbing and Drainage

As a leafy suburb (a semi-rural one) with large homes on huge blocks of land, it provides a huge contrast to the feel and appearance of the Sydney central business district as well as to the commercial centres in the surrounding suburbs.

Originally called Sandhurst (which remains to be the suburb’s most prominent street), the area was actually a thriving environment for a diverse species of plants (including wild varieties of orchids and native roses). Recently Glenhaven has also become a great home to retirees and other people who want to get close to nature and have a residence that shows a picturesque panorama of the Blue Mountains.

Glenhaven plumbing and drainage

However, the ideal and peaceful living in Glenhaven can be easily interrupted by a hot water breakdown, leaking pipe, burst water cylinder or seized mains stopcock. It’s a stressful and inconvenient moment (and often happens at the worst possible time).

Here at Northwest Plumbing & Drainage we specialise in servicing the Hills District suburbs. Our emergency plumbing and drain services are always available because we understand the urgency of leaking pipes, hot water breakdowns and clogged drains.

Our professional services include the following:

Residential and commercial plumbers Glenhaven 24/7

Our aim is to get you an emergency plumber within the hour. We understand that plumbing, drain, gas and hot water issues are always urgent and require quick action. Water leaks can flood the area and damage the floors, walls and ceilings. Gas leaks are wasteful and even cause a fire or health hazard to all the occupants. Hot water breakdowns can seriously ruin your entire morning or night.

Here our priority has always been on fast action and old-fashioned hard work. We take the time to make sure that the same problem won’t happen again anytime soon. Our plumbers and gas and hot water specialists also respect each premise and make sure each site is clean and free from mess.

Contact us here today at NW Plumbing & Drainage if you require a professional plumbing service (repair, installation, inspection) backed by old-fashioned hard work. We have experience working in small and large houses as well as in commercial structures.