Sydney’s Trusted Plumber for Blocked Drains & Repairs

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No Call Out Fee

We provide a zero call-out fee service and will ensure blocked drains are repaired quickly to protect your home’s structure from the structural and expensive damage caused by water.

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Drains Cleared Today

We can send an emergency plumber to your site to remove all blockages from pipes and drains today, ensuring your entire plumbing system is fully functional.

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12-Month Warranty

The high standard of service delivered by every plumber we employ allows us to provide a 12-month warranty whether you are looking to repair or reline pipes and clear blocked drains.

Why other customers choose
North West Plumbing and Drainage

Mairi Van dorp
Mairi Van dorp
Jai and Pat did a complete renovation of all our wet areas..bathrooms and laundry. Walls and floors ripped out and then at the end new bathrooms and laundry. Despite it being such a dirty job as tiles were being removed and part of a rotten floor they kept the disruption to a minimum and were very clean. At the end of each day vacuuming etc was done. The work was of a high quality and done with such cheerfulness and a huge pride in their work. A huge shout out to the apprentices John and Logan. They are a credit to Jai and Pat and are already on their way to being great plumbers, able to be left at alone to do some jobs and could be relied on to continue working hard even if the bosses aren’t there!! I should point out that we have using Jai since 2010. He always came and did the small jobs that probably didn’t pay much and was always cheerful and never made you feel a nuisance. If you want good, honest, reliable plumbers I wouldn’t go past Jai and his team…absolutely superb.
Dean Kelly
Dean Kelly
Luke was great help. You can trust North West- good, honest, quality plumbers and service
Richard Auchter
Richard Auchter
Great communication, easy to understand invoicing and all round professionals. Highly recommend.
Ghada Soliman
Ghada Soliman
Job done efficiently with a reasonable price
Revenant Bear
Revenant Bear
Jai and Luke were excellent at fixing our complex drainage problem; they kept us informed along the way, turned up on time and worked hard to get things sorted. We totally recommend this company. We hope not to need them again too soon but will confidently call them if we have any plumbing or drainage issues. Susan & Rob Nth Kellyville.
I have used Jai & his team numerous times over the years and I have always found them to be on time and very knowledgeable, reliable
Paul Schwarcz
Paul Schwarcz
Jai and his team did a great job, on time and professional approach. Very satisfy with outcome. Highly recommend.
Jean-Luc Robert
Jean-Luc Robert
Very satisfied with the great professional and friendly service. I contacted Jai late afternoon, we met next morning for job assessment. Great communication and easy to deal with. The job was completed the same day while I was at work. I got home to find the work area was left neat and tidy. The quality of the work is also spot on. I happily recommend North West Plumbing. Thank you. Jean-Luc

Blocked Drains & Repairs Services
We Provide

North West Plumbing and Drainage offers a range of services for blocked drains in Sydney. It’s important to promptly address blocked drain issues to prevent them from escalating. Our skilled team is equipped to handle any blockage with drains. Here are some of the Sydney blocked drain services we provide:

  • CCTV drain inspections
  • Blocked drain repairs
  • Blocked drain cleaning
  • Drain pipe replacement
  • Pipe relining
  • High-pressure jetting
  • Drain replacement
  • Boundary trap repair

No matter the size or complexity of the issue, whether with your sewer line, stormwater, bathroom, laundry or kitchen drain, our professional North West Sydney blocked drain specialists are dedicated to delivering a high-quality plumbing service. Contact us today to discuss our drain clearing process or to schedule a visit. No blockage is too big or small for us when it comes to blocked drains in Sydney.

#1 Rated Sydney Blocked Drains Plumber

At North West Plumbing & Drainage we provide a blocked drain repair service that is fast, professional and competitively priced across the Hawkesbury region and other parts of North West Sydney. Over the last decade, we have built a reputation as an A+ plumbing company by referral and word of mouth alone. Some of the reasons why people choose us for a plumbing problem include:

  • Honest and genuine local drain plumber
  • Call direct: no third party for a blockage
  • Fast response times for pipe repair
  • No hidden extras in plumbing emergencies
  • Straightforward drain-related advice
  • Professional workmanship

We are especially proud of our fast, no-fuss blocked drains turnaround time. Don’t suffer in silence with smelly, slow-moving drains that gurgle when water flows or a toilet bowl that backs up – especially if home remedies such as boiling water, DIY drain snake, baking soda and vinegar don’t solve the draining problem. A big blockage can be a LOT more expensive to fix when collapsed pipes or tree roots start to affect water flow.

Even if drain blockages caused by the build-up of hair, grease, baby wipes and tree roots start off small, they can become thicker and harder if left too long. From high-pressure water jetting to pipe relining to advanced CCTV drain cameras, we have the tools to identify and resolve a blockage.

If you notice signs of a blocked drain, we can send an emergency plumber during business hours to promptly solve the problem.

Sydney Blocked Drains – Reliable And Reputable Blocked Drain Plumbers

Our services include clearing blocked drains in the North West Sydney area, including your shower drain, kitchen sink drain, sewer drain and stormwater drain. Whether the issue is a blockage or a leak, we find the cause and repair your water drain in Sydney quickly and cost-effectively. We use the latest equipment to diagnose your drainage problem. Unlike some companies that may have to destroy your garden, home, or driveway to find the cause, we use CCTV drain cameras and high-pressure jet machines to carry out drain repair on your property in Sydney.

Quick and Effective Blocked Drains Solutions

After a non-destructive blocked drain inspection, our drain plumbing services will take care of the rest and clear out solid clogs. We use powerful drain unblocker tools to ensure free-flowing water in your drainage system. If a warped or collapsed pipe is the problem, we will carry out appropriate blocked drains repairs. We believe in transparency and strive to provide fair and competitive pricing. Our upfront quotes include a breakdown of costs so you know exactly what to expect. No hidden fees or surprises!

So if you need to clear a blocked drain in North West Sydney, contact your local plumber for a solution to all your drainage problems. As an experienced drain repair company, we will do a thorough job – sending out a blocked drain plumber to rectify the blockage in sewer lines and stormwater drains so you can go back to uninterrupted flowing water with a 12-month guarantee.

Areas We Service

As your local Hawskesbury plumber, we serve a number of areas within the community, along with the Hills District and Blue Mountains.

  • Agnes Banks

  • Bilpin

  • Bligh Park

  • Bowen Mountain

  • Cattai

  • Colo

  • Freemans Reach

  • Hobartville

  • Kurrajong

  • Kurrajong Heights

  • Mulgrave

  • Pitt Town

  • Richmond

  • Sackville

  • Tennyson

  • Vineyard

  • Windsor

  • Wilberforce

  • Blue Mountains

  • Hills District

Professional Service for Blocked Drains Sydney – Your Local Drain Plumbing Specialists

We are your trusted local blocked drain experts servicing the Hawkesbury region and other parts of North West Sydney. We make sure any blockages from tree roots, foreign objects, food debris, food scraps, grease and any other issue with your drains are taken care of efficiently. Whether it’s your bathroom or kitchen sink blocking up or an issue with your drains, we’ll get the job done and make sure you can go back to enjoying the smooth flow of water in your home or business.

With years of plumbing experience, we have honed our skills and knowledge to handle even the most stubborn drain blockages. We use advanced technologies such as CCTV cameras and water jetters to find and eliminate the drain blockage problem with minimal damage to your Sydney home.

Our blocked drain services, including regular drain cleaning to minimise blockages, will ensure the entire system remains in optimal condition. Some of our other services include installing a hot water system, leak repair, bathroom plumbing fixtures and more to meet your comprehensive plumbing needs. We also provide a lifetime guarantee on all our installations.

Common Signs of Blocked Drains on Your Property

Some tell tale signs of a blocked sewer or drain include a bad smell, water backing up into your sinks and drain pipes, slow drainage and water pooling. Left unchecked, they will put pressure on your stormwater or sewer pipe or any other drain pipe connected to your property – resulting in costly repairs, pipe relining and replacement. Prevention is key to avoiding a future drainage system problem.

Blocked drains can lead to a range of issues that can disrupt your daily routine and cause damage to your property. If drain blockages continue for too long, the water flow can become completely obstructed, causing water to backflow into sinks, toilets, bathtubs and drains. Ultimately, this will lead to floor and wall damage, affecting the structural integrity of your home and causing unsanitary conditions indoors and outdoors. We understand how much a blocked drain can disrupt your life and home, which is why we prioritise prompt responses and will send our team to assess the situation without delay.

When solutions like boiling water and baking soda stop working, our experienced blocked drains Sydney plumber will investigate and provide effective solutions to homes and businesses in North West Sydney.

For North West Sydney blocked drains and sewer pipes, CALL YOUR LOCAL DRAIN EXPERT NOW!


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