Things You Might Not Know About Plumbers

What is plumbing?

The word plumbing comes from the Latin word plumus. Standardized plumbing started way back in the year 3,000 B.C and only started existing in the homes of the wealthy in the 1840s. Plumbing systems aimed to obtain, transfer, and allocate (potable) water and eliminate liquid and human waste. Indoor plumbing took about time to develop from the 1840s to the 1940s.

What happens if you don’t have a stable plumbing water system? 

A well-sustained plumbing system is very important because the beginning of a single problem can lead to many major issues if not treated on time. The impact of water damage can vary from wrecked flooring and structural problems to mold growing in the pipes or other parts of the system. A leaky faucet, if it drips water every minute, can lead to a whole gallon of water being wasted in a week.

What is a plumber’s job?

Installing and mending water, gas, and other plumbing systems in the house or other commercial areas is basically what a plumber’s basic job is. Our plumbers in Windsor‘s most common problems are often clogged drains and toilets as well as leakage in valves and water pipes. Plumbers in Windsor are trained to handle such situations and are skilled in the art of plumbing.

Skills needed to master the art of plumbing

Although plumbing might seem like a challenging job requiring different skills to get a project done such as being able to work in cramped places, knowing the process involved in cleaning, identifying and applying correct solutions, and installing replacement material. Additionally, a plumber needs to be physically strong as well to carry out tough repairing tasks. Completing the work precisely, avoiding any mistakes, and doing a flawless job is also a great quality to have in a plumber; this way, they’re able to satisfy their clients and be called again in future problems. Our plumbers at Windsor are highly apt in all these things and do their best to finish off the tasks to the best of the client’s satisfaction. 

Facts about plumbers that most people aren’t aware of!

1. Plumbers are resilient and take risks to get your job done. They have a higher exposure to germs as they encounter human waste and at times have to work under unsanitary conditions. Interacting with various types of fluids and other chemicals can harm their skin and expose them to respiratory problems. As a responsible plumbing service, Northwest Plumbing ensures that our workers are geared up in safety equipment and have the training and tools necessary to minimize exposure. 

2. Plumbers need to apply their knowledge of mathematics in their work. For example, algebra and geometry are often used when they need to work on layouts or measurements. They are also educated about the basics of chemistry and bacteriology.

3. It takes approximately five years for a person to truly adopt the skills of a plumber. With the amount of labor employed in this work, it is challenging to adapt the skills that are necessary to become a full-fledged plumber.

4. In most places, there are three stages a plumber needs to go through, to obtain their plumbing license. These include:

• Apprentice

• Journeyman

• Master

Most trained plumbers in Windsor find an employer after completing their plumbing education, and when they master their work, they get a plumbing certificate and pass the plumbing exam in the end.

5. A plumber’s income is dependent on their skill level. Highly skilled plumbers can earn very well from the start of their careers. However, those with lower capabilities tend to earn less.

There are some drawbacks for plumbers

Even though you earn a good amount of money, the amount of physical effort that goes into this work doesn’t equal the income earned. Plumbing is rough manual work that could lead to suffering from physical health problems. Physical depletion due to aging might require plumbers to reduce their physical workload and take a supervisory or managerial role. Dealing with clients can be quite stressful too because plumbers have to visit places that can be tiring. 

You cannot become a plumber by watching YouTube videos

Plumbing is more complicated than unclogging a drain or tightening a pipe. Watching Youtube videos might be informative but it is important to understand that many different mechanisms are involved in a plumbing system. Care has to be taken about not damaging the pipes, ensuring the smooth functioning of valves and pumps, as well as understanding the overall pipeline network that connects different features. Therefore, while you may think that the solution to your plumbing problem can be fixed by watching a YouTube video, you may be right in some cases, but in others, you might have fixed the symptom but worsened the underlying conditions. 

Plumbing can never be a dying trade

Despite all the work that plumbing requires, it still is a high-paid job in a lot of countries. It has a never-ending demand for the service which means that there always is work available. Every job comes with its benefits and drawbacks, and so does the job of plumbing. But despite that, it is a respectable job and overall a good career option because of its high demand.

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