Why Should You Have a Plumbing System Inspection Before Going to Live in A House?

Plumbing System

A plumbing system is composed of all the pipes and drains that are used to supply water and remove waste liquids. It includes storm sewers, soil waste, and even water treatment equipment and fixtures. Hence, it is the most crucial part of any house and should be inspected appropriately whenever you are searching for a new home.

Inspection of a plumbing system before moving to a new house

Moving to a new house is a big step, and you need to evaluate the house in detail. One of the most important parts of the house that should be inspected is the plumbing system. The inspection of the plumbing system is equally important for your present house. Even so, when moving to a new house, plumbing systems should be inspected to avoid any problems that may arise. This is especially important if you are planning to carry out some maintenance and repair work before moving in so that any red flags in the plumbing can be addressed. Certified plumbers carry out the plumbing inspection where they look for any leaks or other defects that can lead to damage to your property in the future. Blocked Drains are among the most common issues at St Mary, and our plumbers are more than capable of resolving this issue. In this article, let us discuss the importance of an inspection before moving into a house.

  1. Detect the faults at an early stage to avoid future damages.

Delay of any fault at times leads to very costly treatment. For example, the blocked drains in St Mary, if not cleaned on time, eventually lead to their destruction, and replacing these drains is the only solution. At times, these slight problems cause extensive damages to your property and spoil the entire worth of your beautiful new home.

  1. Prevent wastage of water.

Leakages are the most common type of fault in a plumbing system that can be present in the pipelines and sometimes in the connectors. The leaks waste a large amount of water and eventually lead to water shortage for household use.

  1. Prevent an excessive increase in water bills.

Leaks in water lines mean continuous wastage of water. This wastage of water is billed for your property, despite you not using it. It can greatly increase your water bills and be a source of a wasted precious resource. Therefore, ignoring these minor faults or doing temporary repairs to save money can cause harm in the long run, where your property might be damaged or the problem might intensify.

  1. Prevent the hassle of delayed work like clogs.

Once a problem starts, it should be treated immediately. Otherwise, it may lead to further complications, as already discussed above. This considerable damage then needs extra time, money, as well as patience to handle. It is not easy or cheap to install a new service line. Therefore, an inspection of your house’s plumbing system is important to prevent this hassle and save your time and energy.

  1. Prevent costly damage.

Minor faults are repaired easily and cost you less, while larger faults cost more. Therefore, a proper inspection of the house’s plumbing system before moving into that house is important to prevent any costly repairs that may come later as a shock to you. 

Things to inspect in the plumbing system.

There are a lot of defects that can occur in a plumbing system. The most common problem in St Mary’s is blocked drains. This blockage is mainly caused by the branches of trees or stones and mud. Other common problems that plumbers usually find are:

  1. Water supply system

The first thing to check in the inspection of a plumbing system is the water supply. The water supply system is the central unit that controls the entire flow of water. Therefore, any fault in the water meter leads to misreading water usage and increasing the water bills. 

Next are the lines. If the house is quite old, there is a possibility that the lines are corroded. Corroded lines can contaminate the water in them, making the water inappropriate for household use. Likewise, the water connections and heaters are also common points of water leakage.

  1. Sewers and drainage lines

Sewers and drains are checked for any damage, leakages, corrosion, or blockages. A good water supply needs properly maintained drainage lines that give you a smooth water supply even at low pressure. To check this, the inspector changes the pressure from 100 psi to 75 psi and checks the water supply. Blocked drains in St Mary do not allow the water to run smoothly at this pressure.

  1. Inspect the toilets and gutters.

The toilets and gutters should also be inspected because any clogging in these parts leads to water leakage. A blocked kitchen gutter can turn your beautiful kitchen into a swamp of dirty water. The blocked toilets should be cleaned with chemicals so that they flush out easily.

In short, an inspection of your house’s plumbing system is critical before moving into it. It should be done by a professional plumber and not by yourself. You may not notice a small leak under your kitchen sink that will cause you significant trouble in the future. Our professionals properly go through the entire house, identify any faults, and give you an estimate for repairing these faults. 

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